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peer-reviewed research article

Preventive medication for feedlot replacement calves


D.G. Addis, U.C.
G.P. Lofgreen, U.C.
J.G. Clark
J.R. Dunbar, U.C.
C. Adams, U.C.
F. D. Cress, U.C.

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California Agriculture 30(2):18-20. DOI: 10.3733/ca.v030n02p18. February 1976.


In three preventive medication experiments at the UC Imperial Valley Field Station, oxytetracycline was administered orally and intramuscularly to calves with varying success in reducing cost per pound of gain. The presence of OTC in feed rations and water can reduce feed intake; intramuscular injections are costly but do not affect weight gain negatively.

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