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Control of biting and annoying gnats with fertilizer


E.F. Legner, University of California
R.D. Sjogren, University of Arizona
G.S. Olton, University of Arizona
L. Moore

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California Agriculture 30(2):14-17. DOI: 10.3733/ca.v030n02p14. February 1976.


Naturally breeding field populations of Hippelates eye gnats and Leptoconops biting gnats were reduced with granular and spray applications of urea to the soil. Control ranged from 10 to 96 percent depending on the dosage and application method (disced or surface-applied). Possible modes of action are mechanical abrasion of gnat larvae, and the favoring of fungal infections. The use of urea as a substance harmless to natural enemies may be beneficial in the integrated control of pestiferous soil arthropods.

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