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October-December 2014

Cover: Across the United States, endemic and invasive pests are a growing problem that costs billions of dollars each year in direct damage and funding for pest management programs. In California, UC ANR researchers collaborate with state and federal agencies to contain and manage pests such as glassy-winged sharpshooter, European grapevine moth and herbicide-resistant weeds. In this photo, Elizabeth Karn, Ph.D. student (left), and Associate Professor┬áMarie Jasieniuk (right) of UC Davis cross glufosinate-resistant Lolium (ryegrass) plants with glufosinate-susceptible plants to determine whether the resistance trait can be transmitted to offspring. The results of their research will help inform resistance management strategies. Photo by Will Suckow.

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California Agriculture, October-December 2014

Volume 68, Number 4
Endemic and Invasive Pests and Diseases: How UC and its collaborators detect, contain and manage them


The cost of the glassy-winged sharpshooter to California grape, citrus and nursery producers
by Karen M. Jetter, Joseph G. Morse, John N. Kabashima
pp161-167, doi#10.3733/ca.E.v068n04p161
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Editorial, News, Letters and Science briefs

EDITORIAL: UC and the state of California team up against invasive species
by Elizabeth E. Grafton-Cardwell, Annette Jones, Nick Condos
pp100-101, doi#10.3733/ca.v068n04p100
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RESEARCH NEWS: Unwelcome arrivals
by Jeannette Warnert
pp102-104, doi#10.3733/ca.v068n04p102
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ONGOING RESEARCH: A look at EIPD Strategic Initiative projects
by Hazel White
pp105-108, doi#10.3733/ca.v068n04p105
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EXCLUDING PESTS AND PATHOGENS: Diagnostics in animal health: How UC helps exclude and minimize impact of livestock pathogens
by John M. Adaska, Edward R. Atwill, Glenn A. Nader
pp109-116, doi#10.3733/ca.v068n04p109
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Sidebar: Solving the puzzle of foothill abortion in beef cattle
by Glenn A. Nader, Mike N. Oliver, Julie A. Finzel, Myra T. Blanchard, Jeff L. Stott
pp114-115, doi#10.3733/ca.v068n04p114
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EXCLUDING PESTS AND PATHOGENS: Plant health: How diagnostic networks and interagency partnerships protect plant systems from pests and pathogens
by Richard M. Bostock, Carla S. Thomas, Richard W. Hoenisch, Deborah A. Golino, Georgios Vidalakis
pp117-124, doi#10.3733/ca.v068n04p117
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MANAGING NEWLY ESTABLISHED PESTS: Growers, scientists and regulators collaborate on European grapevine moth program
by Monica Cooper, Lucia Varela, Rhonda Smith, David Whitmer, Gregory Simmons, Andrea Lucchi, Roxanne Broadway, Robert Steinhauer
pp125-133, doi#10.3733/ca.v068n04p125
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MANAGING NEWLY ESTABLISHED PESTS: Cooperative efforts contained spread of Pierce's disease and found genetic resistance
by George Bruening, Bruce C. Kirkpatrick, Thomas Esser, Robert K. Webster
pp134-141, doi#10.3733/ca.v068n04p134
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Sidebar: Coordinated response to PD involves growers, scientists and government
by George Bruening, Bruce C. Kirkpatrick, Robert K. Webster, Thomas Esser
pp138-139, doi#10.3733/ca.v068n04p138
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MAINTAINING LONG-TERM MANAGEMENT: Herbicide-resistant weeds challenge some signature cropping systems
by Bradley D. Hanson, Steven Wright, Lynn M. Sosnoskie, Albert J. Fischer, Marie Jasieniuk, John A. Roncoroni, Kurt J. Hembree, Steve Orloff, Anil Shrestha, Kassim Al-Khatib
pp142-152, doi#10.3733/ca.v068n04p142
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Sidebar: Importance of herbicide resistance in weeds of natural areas
by Joseph M. DiTomaso
pp149, doi#10.3733/ca.v068n04p149
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Sidebar: Herbicide-resistant weeds unlikely in vegetable crops
by Steve Fennimore, Richard Smith, Michelle Le Strange
pp150-151, doi#10.3733/ca.v068n04p150
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MAINTAINING LONG-TERM MANAGEMENT: Over 35 years, integrated pest management has reduced pest risks and pesticide use
by Peter B. Goodell, Frank G. Zalom, Joyce F. Strand, Cheryl A. Wilen, Karey Windbiel-Rojas
pp153-157, doi#10.3733/ca.v068n04p153
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General Information

About California Agriculture
by Editor
pp98, doi#10.3733/ca.v068n04p98
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2014 index
pp159, doi#10.3733/ca.v068n04p159
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pp160, doi#10.3733/ca.v068n04p160
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