California Agriculture Online
California Agriculture

14 years ago

November 1986 v54n08
Volume 54, Number 8

A site index system for redwood and Douglas-fir in California's North Coast Forest

38 years ago

September 1976
Volume 30, Number 9

Cultural practices affect alfalfa soil temperatures

57 years ago

September 1957
Volume 11, Number 9

Zinc deficiency of tomatoes: Corrective applications of zinc-supplying chemicals to soil tested in trials with transplanted and direct-seeded plants

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California Agriculture, Volume 65

California Agriculture, Vol. 65, No.1

California Agriculture
January-March 2011

Volume 65, Number 1
Growing bigger, better: Artisan olive oil comes of age

California Agriculture, Vol. 65, No.2

California Agriculture
April-June 2011

Volume 65, Number 2
Down on the farm: Agritourism on the rise

California Agriculture, Vol. 65, No.3

California Agriculture
July-September 2011

Volume 65, Number 3
Food as medicine: Can what we eat help cure what ails us?

California Agriculture, Vol. 65, No.4

California Agriculture
October-December 2011

Volume 65, Number 4
Stewards of the land: Private owners share views on forest and range resources