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California Agriculture

53 years ago

September 1961
Volume 15, Number 9

Experimental acaricides tested for control of spider mites on field corn on two San Joaquin Delta islands

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California Agriculture, Volume 46

California Agriculture, Vol. 46, No.1

California Agriculture
January-February 1992

Volume 46, Number 1
Invasion forecast: the exotic pest threat

California Agriculture, Vol. 46, No.2

California Agriculture
March-April 1992

Volume 46, Number 2
Is California headed toward sustainable agriculture?

California Agriculture, Vol. 46, No.3

California Agriculture
May-June 1992

Volume 46, Number 3
Goat milk found safe from poison oak toxicants

California Agriculture, Vol. 46, No.4

California Agriculture
July-August 1992

Volume 46, Number 4
Bt controls tobacco budworm on petunia

California Agriculture, Vol. 46, No.5

California Agriculture
September-October 1992

Volume 46, Number 5
Most seasonal farm work still goes to new arrivals

California Agriculture, Vol. 46, No.6

California Agriculture
November-December 1992

Volume 46, Number 6
Water transfers: Who wins? Who loses?