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peer-reviewed research article

New moisture meter could curb overdrying of walnuts


James F. Thompson, UC Davis
Joseph A. Grant, San Joaquin County

publication information

California Agriculture 46(2):31-34. DOI: 10.3733/ca.v046n02p31. March-April 1992.


Tests of a new walnut moisture meter showed that it could help dryer operators prevent over-drying, which in turn would reduce drying time, decrease energy costs and increase revenue.

author affiliations

J. F. Thompson is Extension Agricultural Engineer, UC Davis; J. A. Grant is UC Cooperative Extension Farm Advisor, San Joaquin County.

author notes

The authors wish to acknowledge the generous financial support provided to this project by Pacific Gas and Electric Company and the technical support provided by Don Osias of Applied Instrumentation, lnc.

Without the generous kelp and patient cooperation of the following San Joaquin and Stanislaus County walnut dehydrators, this project would not have been possible: Barton Ranch, Ripon; John Cerri, Stockton; Dick Dawson, Escalon; Jerry DeBoer, Modesto; Monique and Michael Etcheverry, Tracy; FF&D Orchards, Linden; Gordon Heinrick, Modesto; Steve Lagomarsino, Stockton; George Lagorio, Stockton; Ron Lagorio, Stockton; Chef and Chris Lockeford; Ed Marugliano, Linden; Helen and David Meulink, Ripon; Panella Farms, Stockton; John and Marie Rossi, Stockton; Lawrence Sambado, Linden; A1 Spina, Modesto; and Frank Stonebarger, Stockton.