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peer-reviewed research article

Resistant cultivars, fungicides combat downy mildew of spinach


Steven T. Koike, Monterey County
Richard Smith, San Benito County
Kurt F. Schulbach, Monterey County

publication information

California Agriculture 46(2):29-30. DOI: 10.3733/ca.v046n02p29. March-April 1992.


Researchers rated the effectiveness of four fungicides and several spinach cultivars against downy mildew.

author affiliations

S. T. Koike is Farm Advisor, Monterey County; R. F. Smith is Farm Advisor, San Benito County; K. F. Schulbach is Farm Advisor, Monterey County.

author notes

This work was supported in part by the California Spinach Mildew Research Committee. The authors also thank Jim Correll, Mike Davis, Jack Hills, A1 Paulus and Mike Rooney.