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peer-reviewed research article

To control postharvest decay and insects, moist heat treatments of strawberries are studied


Frank T. Yoshikawa, Fresno County
F. Gordon Mitchell, UC Davis
Gene Mayer, UC Davis

publication information

California Agriculture 46(2):26-28. DOI: 10.3733/ca.v046n02p26. March-April 1992.


Experiments with moist heat treatments of 'Chandler' strawberries at temperatures ranging from 99° to 115° F for durations of 20 to 100 minutes showed that fruit heated up to 104° F for 30 minutes were still judged marginally marketable. Although some decay can apparently be controlled with heat, it is doubtful that fruit can tolerate the amount of heat required for insect quarantines.

author affiliations

F. T. Yoshikawa is UC Farm Advisor, Fresno County; F. G. Mitchell, Cooperative Extension, is Posthamest Pomologist, UC Davis; G. Mayer is Staff Research Associate, UC Davis.

author notes

The authors thank DY. Adel Kader, Postharvest Pomologist, UC Davis, for his technical assistance, and the various lab asssistants in the UC Davis Pomology Department for their help.