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Spring flow affected by brush: Removal of nearby deep-rooted plants improved water flow of springs in studies in foothills of Madera and Lake counties


H. H. Biswell, University of California
A. M. Schultz, University of California

publication information

California Agriculture 11(10):3-10. DOI: 10.3733/ca.v011n10p3. October 1957.


Abstract Not Available – First paragraph follows:

Conversion of large acreages of California brushland to grassland—to increase forage for livestock and game—has resulted, in many cases, in an increase in spring and stream flow.

author affiliations

H. H. Biswell is Professor of Forestry, University of California, Berkeley. A. M. Schultz is Specialist in Forestry, University of California, Berkeley.

author notes

This research was done under Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act Project California 31-R and 51-R.