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California Agriculture, July 1977

Volume 31, Number 7

Research Articles

T-bud grafting of grapevines
by Curtis J. Alley
pp4-6, doi#10.3733/ca.v031n07p4
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Lower ethephon rates effective in walnut harvest
by William H. Olson, G. Steven Sibbett, Gregory L. Carnill, George C. Martin
pp6-7, doi#10.3733/ca.v031n07p6
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Environmental upsets caused by chemical eradication
by Paul DeBach, Mike Rose
pp8-10, doi#10.3733/ca.v031n07p8
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Fungicides protect apricot trees against dieback
by William J. Moller, David E. Ramos, W. Harley English, Norman W. Ross, Don Rough, Lonnie C. Hendricks, Ross R. Sanborn
pp10-11, doi#10.3733/ca.v031n07p10
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High density orchards facilitate harvest
by Robert B. Fridley
pp12-13, doi#10.3733/ca.v031n07p12
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Walnut rootstocks compared
by L. Todd Browne, Lyndon C. Brown, David E. Ramos
pp14-16, doi#10.3733/ca.v031n07p14
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Editorial, News, Letters and Science briefs

EDITORIAL: Integrated pest management
by J. B. Kendrick
pp2, doi#10.3733/ca.v031n07p2