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January-March 2016

Cover: Fruit and nut trees, like these in a Yolo County walnut orchard, need a certain amount of cold weather each year for proper foliage and flower development. As the climate warms, declining annual chill hours — the total number of hours when the temperature falls between 32°F and 45°F — may change where crops are grown. Photo by Will Suckow

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California Agriculture, January-March 2016

Volume 70, Number 1
Climate smart agriculture for California

Peer-reviewed Research and Review Articles

Modeling the effects of local climate change on crop acreage
by Hyunok Lee, Daniel A. Sumner
pp9-14 , doi#10.3733/ca.v070n01p9
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Biological control program is being developed for brown marmorated stink bug
by Jesus Lara, Charlie Pickett, Chuck Ingels, David R. Haviland, Elizabeth Grafton-Cardwell, David Doll, James Bethke, Ben Faber, Surendra K. Dara, Mark Hoddle
pp15-23 , doi#10.3733/ca.v070n01p15
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Phenology of spotted wing drosophila in the San Joaquin Valley varies by season, crop and nearby vegetation
by David R. Haviland, Janet L. Caprile, Stephanie M. Rill, Kelly A. Hamby, Joseph A. Grant
pp24-31 , doi#10.3733/ca.v070n01p24
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Sticky traps saturate with navel orangeworm in a nonlinear fashion
by L.P.S. Kuenen, Joel P. Siegel
pp32-38 , doi#10.3733/ca.v070n01p32
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Management of blue gum eucalyptus in California requires region-specific consideration
by Kristina M. Wolf, Joseph M. DiTomaso
pp39-47 , doi#10.3733/ca.v070n01p39
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Editorial, News, Letters and Science Briefs

EDITORIAL: Preparing for an uncertain future with climate smart agriculture
by Karen Ross
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South Coast REC: Linking urban landscapes, water conservation and water quality
by Hazel White
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California gets global water conservation perspectives
by Jeannette Warnert
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