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California Agriculture

27 years ago

February 1972 v41n08
Volume 41, Number 8

Reclamation of salt-affected high boron soils in western Kern County

48 years ago

August 1966
Volume 20, Number 8

Organic acid synthesis in lemon fruits

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California Agriculture, Volume 66

California Agriculture, Vol. 66, No.1

California Agriculture
January-March 2012

Volume 66, Number 1
Community Supported Agriculture: Popular and profitable in the Central Valley

California Agriculture, Vol. 66, No.2

California Agriculture
April-June 2012

Volume 66, Number 2
The Morrill Act at 150: How a land-grant law launched the University of California

California Agriculture, Vol. 66, No.3

California Agriculture
July-September 2012

Volume 66, Number 3
Long-term study: Conservation tillage saves soil, time and money

California Agriculture, Vol. 66, No.4

California Agriculture
October-December 2012

Volume 66, Number 4
Williamson Act cuts: Survey finds ranch land at risk